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Emergence-Morphic Fields

When the end result is more than the sum of it’s parts, this is called “emergence”. It is the black box of science. It basically means, “we don’t know what the heck is happening here”. A caterpillar changing into a butterfly, termites building a complicated nest, the growth of a city, a school of fish, these are all forms of complexity with emergent behavior arising with no known conscious direction.

But I would like to suggest that there is a kind of direction, and that the director is a morphic field. Consciousness itself is the director, you could call it the mind of God. I say that morphic fields direct form as well as function, and everything is directed by these morphic fields. From the smallest particles to the largest and most complex systems.

If you look at a magnetic field, you can see that direction and movement is controlled by the field, as well as the shape. I say this is just a visible, detectable example of a morphic field.

I say that God orchestrates everything, like a symphony. But what about free will? It is still there, it is just limited within certain parameters. You can jump, but gravity will only let you jump so high.


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