Drug Commercials

I have a friend give me a challenge that she was using in her classroom to teach students about advertising. This was just one of many things she was using in the classroom and I found in interesting. She had set up a loop of drug commercials for students to watch. She removed the name of the drug it was advertising and the illness it would be prescribed to help with.

At the end of each commercial there was a four minute pause when we would have no discussion and answer these questions.

1. What medical condition do you think this drug is prescribed is help with?

2. Do you think the warnings of what might be a side effects of the drug were worse than than the disease you mentioned above?

3. Do you read all the information the pharmacy provides when you get a new prescription?

I found it very interesting.


What do you think?


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  1. I find it very disturbing that they PUT drugs on tv that MOST haven’t
    been really tested to see just what it would do to people it’s all about
    pushing drugs & making $ & that is not right to people that don’t think.

    I look at it this way the more drugs people can sell the more $ they make
    it’s all about how much they can make off people they don’t care how or
    who is effected by what they sell or what it does to the buyer which is sad.

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