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Donald Trump declared Russia, China and the EU an enemy

US president declared Russia, China and the EU an enemy. Donald Trump will meet his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin at Finland’s capital Helsinki today. before the meeting. In the interview given to the American TV CBS, Donald Trump said Russia, China and the EU as the enemy of the US. I think we have so many enemies. ¬†European Union’s dealings with us in trade,it is our enemy, according to me. Perhaps you do not understand the EU as your enemy, but in fact it is an enemy that is very difficult to deal with.

President Trump said that I respect the leaders of European countries, but in commercial terms they have benefited from us, Russia is also our enemy in many aspects and China is the enemy to be our economic opponent, Although these countries are enemies, it does not mean they are all bad, Instead, it means that they are our opponent.

In the meantime, the European Council President Donald Tusk tweeted that the US and the EU are the best friends of each other, People who call them enemies are actually spreading false news.

US President Donald Trump will meet in Finland’s Helsinki capital today, After meeting in the presidential palace, Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin will also joint press conference.


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