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Doing good deeds to the local police in Virginia on Easter Sunday

I am sure that you have heard of the old saying “Truth is stranger than fiction.” As you know the news media and the entertainment industry like to report news stories of friction between the police and citizens in their community to draw viewers to tune in to the news channels to get their ratings to appease their sponsors.

On Easter Sunday in Newport News a young man named Jeremiah whose last name was not released at the request of his mom invited Newport News Virginia Police Officer Beganovic and his partner whose identity was not released to come inside their home to share dinner with the mom and her son as a way of thanking them for their outstanding work of keeping them safe and sound.

Officer Beganovic was so impressed with the kind act that was given to them by Jeremiah and his mom so much that Officer Beganovic went to Jeremiah’s school the next day to give the students at the school to give them free meals to show them that the local police officers care for their community. 

Just remember this fact. Television shows and movies that show the dark side of life are your entertainment and nothing else.


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Written by Deepizzaguy

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