Dog walking businessman does a client a favor after he was laid off

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What is so amazing about Jonathan Miller who is the owner of “Miller’s Menagerie” which is San Francisco California is that Miller earns a living by walking the dogs of stranger for a fee.

However one of his clients that did not give out his name owns a dog named Calli. Since Calli’s owner was laid off his job recently, he had to tell Jonathan the bad news that since he could pay Jonathan his fee to walk his dog Callie, he would have to not allow to walk with Jonathan until he would find another job.

What Jonathan did for the owner of Calli was make an offer that he could not turn down. Jonathan likes to Calli so much that he offered to walk Calli free of charge until the man who is currently employed can land another job soon.

Callie’s owner then told Jonathan through his Instagram account that he would accept the offer from Jonathan to walk his dog Callie for free until he lands another job.

It is nice to see some businessmen assist people in need when fate throws them a curve ball like a layoff from his employment.


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Written by Deepizzaguy

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  1. Thats great to hear. We had the old type of ASB Bank that when you were employed by them, the Bank looked after the staff and it was a bank for the people. They still help a lot of people.
    My Dad was a bank manager and later executive. They used to have bank picnics with prizes for children, and bank parties where someone dressed up as Santa and every child 12 and under got a Christmas present. They were good presents.