Do Your Best

The appointed time is pretty good though.Curiosity inspired by the scent of mysterious color flowers. A lot of things you want to do. There is no use in mind. Secret chocolate on your way. I have to go soon. This time I am waiting for you with worry.If you want to see me anyway. As soon as possible. Do your best. Do it anytime. Even if you have a party at the top of the cloud. Hey, darling. Follow me darling. It is a bit difficult to walk straight. While dancing, in hip · hop · step. Jump and jump over. A lot of discovered. I want to tell you.Laughter is a throbbing melody. I’ll be moved to cry.I see something that you do not see. Believe? If you really want to know. Now that’s it. Even if I take a nap at the bottom of the sea. Hey, darling. Do your best. Do it even if you are away. Connected, darling. Even if you skate on the rainbow. Hey, darling. Do your best. Take a look at me. Follow me darling.


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Written by seriopscual

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