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Decision Leeches

Decision Leeches! I just heard the term and read about and I think that is one little part of my mental fatigue. The nice woman provided me with this description “Do you ever request that someone makes a decision and they hand you back a list of choices. Those are the ones we label decision leeches. You clearly asking them and gave them the power to make the decision for a reason. They should do so! They completely disregarded the responsibility you handed to them.Most decision leeches, give you a list of choices and when you choose on then they give you the one they wanted instead of the one you were forced to pick off a list.”

I stopped for a moment and wondered if my house was being bugged, because this happens several times a day, every single day.

The practical approach here would be that I just simply make the decisions and if they want to change them, they have to do it themselves. I think part of my mental fatigue is that banter back and forth.

I went through the supplies we have here and made a dinner menu for two weeks. I  posted it on both refrigerators and the deep freezer, along with what time I get off work and what time dinner will be ready if I must prepare it.  If they want to eat sooner they must follow the menu and make it sooner.

Even Bro can take the frozen meal and put it in the slow cooker and turn it on. This could be interesting.

What do you think?

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  1. I know so many people that are decision leeches. I know, when they approach with what they were assigned that it is never going to be a “finished” decision. It is always going to be a list of what could be.

    the what could be leeches drive me up the wall.

    So I decide for them! (go back, and pick one, then come to me, if you picked the right one I will pat you on the head. if not, I will send you away again!)

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