Dating Site – 9

Nora was shocked reading the email.

How could the Greg Daniels have a life which so mirrored hers? How could he know Peppers and what she used it for… to meet blind dates… and do the same?

She had the feeling if she didn’t respond she would hate herself forever.

“Dear Greg, sorry I locked off  yesterday, but our lives seem to be so similar it is scary.  I , as you, had just come home from a horrible date, and as you, logged on to the MB.  I also saw the ad and responded. Perhaps we can meet.” 

Having sent the message, Nora went into the kitchen to make a meal, but something drew her back to the computer.

There was a message from Greg.

If you are free tonight, can we meet at Peppers, and maybe go for dinner? I know this great Chinese place, or would you prefer Italian?  I’m easy.”

Nora thought of cooking or going out to eat, and going out was the winner.

“I’ll be there in twenty minutes. BTW; I’m Nora and will be wearing a blue jacket.”

“Wonderful. See you then.”

She went into the bathroom, a quick shower. She wasn’t going for drama so just a touch of make-up. She pulled on her jeans, a striped blouse and the jacket, and was off, reaching Peppers in twenty three minutes.


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Written by jaylar