Dating Site-8

Nora Linton sat alone, drinking coffee. She turned on the computer to check her email and there was a message from Perfect Partner.

She was about to delete it unread, when for the hell of it, she clicked on the hypertext.

“You have a message!” it proclaimed, and before she could log out it flashed;

“Sorry to have scared you last night.I’d just come in from one of many bad dates. I won’t torment you with details, save I began to flirt with celibacy.  I logged on to a message board to  communicate with intelligent life when I saw the banner ad and thought, why not? 

I entered what I wanted, which was an intelligent, serious woman with a sense of humour, who can appreciate a man who is generous without trying to  rip him off, and within seconds, your code appeared.

I know you as J7576.

I never got your name or any particulars. When you suggested  Peppers, a place I  use to meet blind dates, I thought I was dreaming. 

I suppose I ought not have suggested we meet, as I guess I sounded desperate.

I’m very sorry.”

Nora was in shock.

She couldn’t believe anyone could so mirror her experiences and attitudes.

Who was this man?


What do you think?

Written by jaylar