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Dance with my Father

DANCE WITH MY FATHER, a song that always makes me cry. A song that meant to me so much.

Father’s Day is soon to be celebrated, another year without him, so for those who still have theirs spend time with them. Celebrate with your father, because mine has gone and is already in heaven.

Cherish them, find time to be with your father because I had so many regrets, so many wishes that I failed to cast on him and so many “If only” that until now how I wish I did.

He’s my best buddy while watching basketball, watching action films in the cinema or even in TV and do some ballroom dance. Now that he’s gone I’ll play a song that will never ever end cause I love, love, love to dance with my father again.

Missing him so much, my provider, my protector and the only man who accepts and loves me for who I am.


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    • Yes, my 6 year old son leaves by the rules he remembered as what my father thought him and by the stories I told him about how our father thought us one of these is to help without telling anyone.

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