A Crazy Journey – Part 15

Lorraine found it the most ridiculous moment in her life. Here she was, a sensible woman of fifty, at a Sci-Fi Conference to see one Sean Pine, a never was actor who had appeared in a show which went off the air, playing a rather intriguing character.

Sean Pine was a very attractive man. On the outside.

Inside, he was a pretentious joke,  and he drank in the adoration of these losers as if they were Nobel Laureates while considering them slightly above cockroaches.

It was so evident to Lorraine that she looked around to see if there was any one else, in the room who saw through him.

When the meeting ended and he virtually ran out of the room as if escaping a leper colony she almost laughed. She didn’t, she searched for another face which betrayed the sense of disgust that she felt.


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Written by jaylar

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