The actor, composer, singer, guitarist, lead singer of The Frames, and half of the duo Swell Season – Glen Hansard certainly boasts filled career. It is therefore no wonder that, for years, an inspiration to many and leading name Irish indie scene was born in Dublin on 21 April 1970. Already at age 13 he left school to play in the streets, and with 17 borrowed money from parents to do demo tape. Completely by chance, his music were heard in Island Recors and offered him a contract. Then formed the band The Frames, named after the numerous bicycle frames that are decorated Glen’s house. Together with guitarist Dave Odlum, singer Noreen O’Donnell, bassist John La Carneille, violinist Colm Mac Kono Iomajrom and drummer Paul Brennan, Glen made his debut at the music festival in September 1990. The first album, Another Love Song, released the following year. The general public became known as the Glen starred in Commitments (The Commitments), BAFTA award-winning film, though he later said he regretted he accepted the role because he was shooting were taking time from his music career. However, 1995 saw the release Fizcarraldo who became the 26th best-selling in Ireland. During this period, Glen cooperates closely with his friend Mike Christopher. Creates a distinctive sound indie-rock-folk, influenced by musicians of which are referred to as his “Holy Trinity”: Leonard Cohen, Bob Dylan and Van Morrison. This compound is a spicy Glen’s great vocals and interesting texts from those of a man who pushes the boat through the mountains, to one of the “Irish romance” – the desire to be buried next to a loved one Year in 2001, although the tenth anniversary of The Frames, was not the best – Dave Odlum withdrew from the band, and their US tour was canceled due to the death of Christopher Mika. Mike’s music remains closely associated with Glen’s even after he died. The Frames are often performed his songs, especially “Listen Girl” and “Heyday”.


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