A Crazy Journey – Part 14

There he was!

The magnificent Sean Pine! The Star of their Conference! On the stage.

And Lorraine, who had travelled so far to see him, along with all these others, sat back and watched. Listened to him speak, and now answer questions.

The major one was why he left/was dropped from the scifi drama. Lorraine knew the answer. Not the ones he was giving.

Who would want to work with someone who acted as if he were prime box office when he was nothing, no one? Sure she had come all this way to see him. She had been intrigued by his appearance. She liked the character he played. She came because she wanted to do something ridiculous. Something that didn’t matter, something that asked nothing from her.

Maybe she was going through her second childhood. What difference did it make.

With all truth, Lorraine was enjoying his performance. He was acting as if he were someone, acting the way he assumed an important person would behave.

The women with her asked questions, and smiled at him and were in love, virtually in love, and he lapped it up. He bathed in the affection, in being the cynosure of all eyes.

At the end, her people ran towards him, but those in charge said that he would be signing autographs in fifteen minutes in the main hall. Sean went out of an exit.

The women ran to find where he would be and then lined up. Lorraine was pulled into the line and watched.

He sat behind a table, and those who wanted the autograph came before him. He didn’t speak to most of them, simply put out his hand for the brochure or whatever was offered and signed.

She was next. She came towards him and didn’t say a word, although she wore a smile. He didn’t look up up, he took the paper, signed his name, handed it back to her.

She would say something like, “This is why you are a failure..”  but didn’t.


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Written by jaylar

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