A Crazy Journey – 4

Sean Pine would be at a ‘Con’ (short for ‘conference) in a city far away. Sean Pine is and was nobody to most of the world. He was an actor who had played a role on a SciFy series. It wasn’t that popular a program, it went off the air years ago. The actor went into oblivion. Save for here. Save for this Message Board devoted to him.

This message board of loopy middle aged women who so loved him they would travel across country to see him at this ‘Con.’

On one hand, Lorraine wanted to dismiss this excursion as if it were visiting a leprosarium. Yet,  but on the other; why not?

Why not go on a crazy journey where nothing matters and just be ridiculous? Just go and relax and be silly.

She had her vacation coming up and well… she didn’t want to visit her children. She had rather bad experiences during her visits  which she never wanted to repeat.

So here are the choices;

a) stay home alone

b) go on some tour somewhere

c)  go to the ‘Con’.

She chose ‘(c)’.

Now she would have to figure out how she would travel, where she would stay. She couldn’t tell anyone at the office what she was doing because they’d probably have her removed to an insane asylum.  In fact, she would agree that what she was about to do was crazy, but so what!

What do you think?

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