Burger King employee seen taking a customer to his auto goes viral

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I am sure that 19 year old Burger King employee Alexis Easter did not do this act of kindness to escort a regular customer who goes by the name Mister John who has a bad back which makes it hard for him to walk without the use of a cane would make her a social media sensation.

Alexis must have been raised right since she does these acts of kindness not to gain publicity or high marks with her employer in Mechanicsville Virginia.

Alexis insists that she escorted Mister John to his auto since he is a senior citizen who needed help to get into his auto safe and sound out of the kindness of her heart,

Elizabeth Chandler who happened to be in the area of the Burger King in Mechanicsville took a picture of Alexis and Mister John being taken to his auto.

The image of the great act of compassion made it to the social pages which it gained a lot of positive vibes for both Alexis, Burger King and Mister John.

There is one rule when you work for any employee which is, when you wear the uniform of any company, you are basically the goodwill ambassador of that company.

Social media works both ways. Either you are a great person or a bad person who did something that is not cool like harming someone.


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