Breathe Out Loudly After A Sense of Relief

Most of us experience the sense of relief of being worried into something. Our parents had shown this a couple of times especially if their children are still out. The feeling will escalate when you do not appear in the front door late at night. The worrier can be worried if they cannot be reached through the use of modern gadgets. For Asian parents, they do pray and ask for guiding the people they loved to be in a good situation. A heaving sigh of relief if seeing your shadow in the driveway, parents’ face can be painted with glee.

There are so many instances that we tend to have a deep breath and exhaled with relief. It is a normal reaction that people should enjoy. It shows how concern we are with others and love binds them in between. It is impossible for someone to claim that they never felt such feeling. If they do, then they are pachyderm, literally said. Robots don’t show feelings and we are not created to be in such man-made invention.

Simple stage performance or job interview is a nerve-racking experience. On some occasions, some people will faint due to intense deep breathing exercises and resulting in hyperventilation. Learn more about how breathing exercise is done appropriately. What a sigh of relief if things went smoothly.

There are so many ways to handle nerve-racking situations. For having a speech on stage, you can hold a penny during the course of it. Grasping a penny so tight can release the tension and delivering inspirational messages will be appealing to the audience. Some people can distract them by using their gadgets prior to a nerve-racking episode. Listening to music can make a person calm and take the time to relax. It takes a matter of techniques to deal with such scenarios. A big relief can ease up the whirlwind emotions.


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Written by Steven Gamboa


  1. I bet posts on the topics of physiology out of your art of the world would be a HUGE hit on this blog. We Americans get muddled world news…especially in the areas of health matters.

    • Thank you for the compliment, my friend. I guess it is my edge to make such article since I am in the medical field. I will take note of this pointer you had given.c”,)

  2. Taking deep deep breaths has, and continues to help me so many times. I actually had to re-learn how to breathe properly. So many do not understand. But when you lose a child, or any other tragic event, you learn a lot in order to survive. Great post!