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Breaking Points

Everyone has breaking points. There is that imaginary line in the sand that says “I have had enough and I am done.” It could mean you are done for the day. It could mean you are done for an hour. It can mean that you are done living. 

We’ve been taught that we don’t talk about these things. We are ashamed of those feelings we should hide our crazy. Is that the way it should be? Maybe. I have discovered that all I have is questions. I have no answers. 

Today I feel good enough to find a song. Perhaps that is an improvement or perhaps the world is a better place when I choose to remain silent and stop. (Odd because my brother has done nothing but yell at me today.)


What do you think?

Written by Ghostwriter


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  1. Such a profound post! Hope will follow when you can focus on what hope will be around the corner. You are a fighter I have found out you are a lion of strength, so never give up cause winners never quit.


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