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Boats Out of Water – A Suite of Photos Part 4

The boatyard in Port Townsend, Washington USA

The boatyard in Port Townsend has a tradition of building, maintaining, repairing, and restoring wooden boats. The town has a tradition of woodworking in general and the boatyard’s history with wooden boats is a big part of Port Townsend’s identity. Boats are pulled out of the water for repairs and return when the maintenance is finished. It is always changing and favors frequent visits.

I’m in the boatyard frequently. For me it is very similar to walking around an open air art museum. If I have my camera with me I like to record some of the boats that are there at the moment. My favorite subjects are the older wooden boats that are being restored or maintained. There is no information on this particular boat; but, it has to be roughly 100 years old by its construction.

This suite of photos records many of the boats I have seen on my visits. They range from small recreational vessels to large hard working fishing boats. You never know what may pop up in this series so keep watching!

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  1. I love the sea and the harbor. I often went there when I did not have a job. It’s always kind to me because there are no days that look alike. There is always movement, some ships and boats arrive, others go. I have a lot of pictures of old boats. I look for them every port where I go.

    • I will keep posting some – I just like walking around there. I’m going to submit another one tonight. Not as cool and more modern. It has a coll name though: “Northern Sage” . I’m glad you stopped by so to speak. Thanks.

    • Thank you. I enjoy it, so it’s my pleasure. I’m glad people are interested. …. Something funny about boats like the one here: They get restored with considerable effort and time. At the end what you have is roughly a 12 ton sailboat. I am so glad to be here where they have this.

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