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I use a bi-pap nightly for about 2 months now. I also use just a nose mask at first it was all good and the mask didn’t bother me at all, but now I find that I am starting to wake up all night long to adjust this mask. It starts to leak air up at the top of my nose and I have to constantly most it down or wiggle it to get it to stop. Last night I swear I woke up 50 times just because of this nose mask.

I adjust the tightness and loose it nothing helps. About a few weeks ago or so I asked for a different mask from the sleep study doctor when I went in for my check up. He then said he was sent a note to where I get the stuff from but I haven’t heard a word from them. I will have to call them again this week. I know the bi pap has helped me so far but really need to figure out a better mask.

Does anyone use a bi-pap?


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  1. My dear Jenny, I’m sorry to hear you’re not good about health. you have to trust God and pray always. do not lose hope. I promise I will call you in my daily prayers. I pray the Lord Jesus Christ, the Mother of God, the Virgin Mary and God Himself, to give you the health you need! God bless you with what you need my dear!

      • you ar welcome dear,, that’s what I felt at this moment, and that’s what I wrote. I think I almost felt you in some way, I do not know how to say it. Maybe your positive energy I felt, I do not know. Anyway, I felt something. and yes, nothing is accidental!
        May the good God take pity on you and give you the health you need to take care of your family and because you are a mother, and your children always need their mother! Amen!