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August 2nd ~ Goals – Accountability -Life

If you read any of my posts you know that things were not going well in my mind, world  and heart. It just seemed like one thing after another caused another wave of panic. So let me tell you about yesterday. First of all I stepped out of bed onto a carpet filled with ice cold water. I said out loud “the goal today is to survive.”

Then I woke up my husband. He stepped out of the bed and said “My side is dry”. He got back into bed and began snoring. I realized that he had not fully been awake and it was 2:00 am so I let him sleep. I began laying down towels and sopping up water. My brother fell down the stairs. I managed to check and it didn’t look like anything was broken. The hospice worker was sound asleep (which is fine – but when I woke her, she asked what I wanted her to do.) “Please help me get him back upstairs so we can get him in bed and have the doctor come check him out.” 

“Right now?”

“Yes. I need your help right this minute. That is why you are here.”

Many hours later everyone was up. I got the wet vac going  and the hospice worker stomped down stairs to tell me that my brother needed sleep and it was very loud. I handed her a pair of earplugs and said “I have a bit of an emergency here, deal with it or call in a back up.” She called in a back up.

My brother called me on the phone. “What’s going on?’ 

“Just our normal perfect storm. I am getting things under control down here and then I am off to the pharmacy. I will come talk to you after the doctor makes sure you didn’t break anything.”

He interrupted me, “the pharmacy is not open yet, it’s not even light outside.”

“Oh, well then I am going to see how much of the water I can get out of my carpet so we can rip it up and replace it. Gotta go. Love you lots. Your coffee is made and breakfast will be done in ten minutes.”

I guess that might of been part of the panic, worry and overwhelming situations. I do have an appointment with my doctor. She is fabulous and is coming over for dinner, conversation and a diagnosis.


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    • No it was not a dream. The marmot that calls our yard home had knocked a sprinkler over and dug a hole. There was small crack and the water found it’s way in. We have now got it under control. We found the crack and have it all sealed tight. I wish it had been a dream.

      The good news is that the contractor check the rest and we have the repairs done.


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