A California teen’s good deed earns him a sweet reward


I am just amazed at the honesty of 16 year old teenager Rahmi Zieni who was driving home from school on Wednesday when he saw a black purse in the middle of the road.

Rahmi stopped his auto to pick up the black purse and the look on his face was priceless when he saw $10,000 dollars inside the purse.

Rahmi then went home and told his parents what he found was $10,000 dollars that did not belong to him or his parents.

Now I do not know the laws in California what happens when someone finds a wallet or purse that has a lot of money inside other than the person who finds a huge amount of money that was lost on the street has to report to the police that the person found money inside a wallet or purse contains a huge amount of money.

The rule of thumb that I know of is that the local police will keep the wallet or purse that has the lost money for a period of time like maybe 30 days. If no one claims the lost money, the person who found the lost money can keep it.

It is evident that Rahmi’s parents decided to do what is right and turn the $10,000 dollars back to the Santa Barbara’s County Sheriff’s Office where an officer inside the police station would contact who the person who lost the money since there was no name or address of the person who lost the money.

The good news is that the woman who lost the $10,000 dollars reported the loss to the police. The woman who almost the $10,000 dollars admitted that she left the purse with the money inside on top of the roof of her auto when he left the area of the incident.

The woman did contact Rahmi to thank him for his honesty in taking the money to the police. Some people are second guessing her since rewarded Rahmi by giving him a $100 tip.

Rahmi and his family made the decision to take the money to the police since if the shoe was on the other foot, they would expect the same brand of honesty themselves from a complete stranger.

My late mother had a saying of handling a lot of money. Her advice to me was “Be careful since money is the mark of the Devil.”

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