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6 Easy DIY Activities That Will Keep Children Busy For Hours

Kids always have the energy to do stuff. All the time they try to get their hands into something. It’s up to you to guide their energy into something positive. Some activities can motivate kids to be creative. We know that they learn a lot by playing, so provide them some good activities. If you are a parent, or have nephews or siblings these ideas will help you keep children busy for hours!

1. DIY face toy


Make your kids happy with this face toy! It can be made in no-time. On a circular piece of cardboard attach the face features so they can be rotatable. Children will find it interesting to change the expressions. Teach them about emotions with this tool, so they can make an angry, surprised, happy and sad face.

2. Blow paint monsters



Another fun activity to keep you little ones busy. Splash some color on a a white canvas. Give the kids a straw and let them blow the paint through the canvas. Add some eyes and this is the monster they have created. This activity is suitable for children over 6 years.

3. Cotton ball paintings


Turn the coloring process into something extraordinary! Instead of brushes, give them cotton balls. Inspie them to get creative with the prints that these cotton balls leave behind.

4.Ice cube painting


Ice cube painting is the new hit! This activity is perfect for the hot summer days. Take an old ice cub container. Dissolve different colors in water. Freeze them in the cube mold. Kids will have something different and new to work with.

5. Minions stones


Minions are kid’s favorite cartoon characters. Why don’t they try to make them at home? Firstly, give them a task to go to the yard and choose some nice flat and rounded stones. After this is completed, give them paint. Kids can make their own minions and play with them.

6. Spray chalk



Spraying chalk onto the pavement can be a very interesting thing to do. For this you will need: spray bottles, cornstarch, baking soda and food coloring. Fill the bottles 1/3 with starch and baking powder mixture. Add a few drops of color and fill the bottle with hot water.


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