Time-Lapse Painting Video: A Stroll by the Eiffel Tower in Paris

A Stroll by the Eiffel Tower in Paris acrylic painting is done on an 8×10 inch stretched canvas.

Paints used: Titanium White (Golden), Thalo Blue (Grumbacher Academy), Mars Black (Grumbacher Academy), Crimson (Windsor and Newton Galeria), Cadmium Yellow Light (Liquitex Heavy Body)

I also used a Golden brand acrylic glazing liquid.

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What do you think?


    • What do you think of Mars black, I havent ever tried it, and mix my own, but after seeing it with white added to it. I think I like it. No green tint. Works well.

      • Thanks Kim!
        I’ve read a lot about using premixed black vs mixing your own and personally, if used correctly, I think premixed black can add a lot to a painting and there is no hassle of mixing it.
        Mars black is a warmer black, compared to lamp black and ivory (or bone black), which makes it fit well with this scene with other warm colors in the lights. And you’re right, when mixed with white here, there is no green tint at all. I find it great to use if I’m trying to dull out a color for a background (with white as well).