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5 Reasons Why you should Write for Virily

Virily is a revenue sharing website through which you can earn money sharing your thoughts and interest.  It is a simple and clean site. Writers who are already using this website to share their thoughts on various issues that confront us in our day to day life know this very well.

I would like to list five reasons as to why I or for that reason YOU will like to write for this website. Some people may be using this website like a pastime. Some others may be trying to make some money as a side income or pocket money.

1. Make Money:

On virily, members get ‘virily’ for each action they carry out on the site like visiting the site daily, submitting articles and polls, viewing other’s articles, commenting on other’s articles etc. At first, it may appear very time-consuming. But, as you connect with more people on the website and increase your followers, money in your bank also accumulates quickly.

2. Share your thoughts:

All your thoughts in your everyday life as well as your interests give you a good opportunity to convey the same on almost all topics that may not be normally allowed on other websites whether sharing their revenue or not.

3. Improve your Writing:

The site allows us to post articles on various aspects. Once you start writing, the style of your writing also improves. Therefore, it is a good way to grow to be a good writer.

4. Meet new Writers:

Writers from other revenue sharing sites can easily include virily to their list of sites to spend their time and also connect with other writers online and make friends.

5. Have excitement:

There is always something that is attractive on every website. Here, you can look forward to read the daily thoughts of your associates. You see the earnings rise and get excited when you reach the redemption amount.

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