4 Essentials That Must Be Part of Your Fire Safety Planning

You are proud of how well the business is going and the contributions that your employees make to its success. In order to ensure your employees are safe while they work, choosing to invest in the best fire safety and prevention equipment makes a lot of sense. As you evaluate your current plan of action, pay close attention to these four essentials. All of them will go a long way in ensuring you and your employees remain safe.

A Viable Sprinkler System

When was the last time you scheduled a comprehensive fire sprinkler systems inspection at your place of business? If the last one was some time ago, call a professional today and set up one for the earliest available date. While you hope that the system never has to be used, it’s important to ensure that the sprinkler heads deploy properly and there are no blockages to interfere with the system’s function.

Strategically Placed Extinguishers

You should also take a second look at the number and placement of fire extinguishers throughout your facility. The layout you designed a few years ago may not meet the needs of today. That’s especially true if you have added on to the building or rearranged the work spaces in some manner. Choosing to evaluate the layout again could indicate that some extinguishers need to be moved and possibly a few more added.

Using Spill Containment Pallets

You may not have heard of spill containment pallets before, but they are great devices designed to keep anywhere from one to four barrels or other containers from tipping over. You may think these devices are only a good idea for warehouses or businesses where large amounts of chemicals are in constant use. The fact is that if all you do is keep a drum or two of fuel on hand to power your back-up generators, you could put one of these pallets to good use.

In addition to keeping the containers in an upright position, they also make it much easier to move those barrels or drums using a fork lift. That will come in handy if you need to change the layout of your storage areas, since the blades of the lift will never touch the containers proper.

The Design of Your Emergency Exit Plan

Along with determining if you need to add to or change the equipment that is part of your fire safety plan, take another look at the planning for getting employees out of the building in the event of an emergency. If you have added more cubicles or otherwise changed the layout of the areas where employees work, it could be time to adjust the routes employees will use to get to the nearest exit. Remember that having a secondary escape route is a good idea. If any obstacles make the primary plan unworkable, your employees will know to implement the backup plan and still get out safely.

The well being of your employees is a priority. Go over your current fire safety and protection plans and determine if they are still sufficient. If you have any concerns, contact a professional to day and begin to make some upgrades.


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Written by Keisha Laine


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