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Our youth will pass

Daughter, one day when you see your mother grow old, I want you to be patient with me, and try to understand what mother is going through. If mother and child talk, she will repeat the story a thousand times, but do not interrupt: “Mother talked this whole session”. You just listen. Remember when you were young,

My mother told a fairy tale from dark to dark until she slept.

When I do not want to shower, do not get angry and nag me. Remember the time when you ran all over the house and made all the way to get the baby girl to reason enough to escape the shower.

When you see my mother getting confused with new technologies,

Give her time to understand and do not look at her mother … remember, my dear, how much patience did she have to teach her everything from eating, dressing, combing and doing things everyday. Oh, the day you saw her old, be patient with her mother, and understand what she’s going through.

If there are times when mom does not keep up with what her mother is saying, or remember to forget, give her time to remember, and if she can not remember, do not worry, do not lose patience and also Do not be upset Please understand that it is most important for me to be with you.

And when old age makes it hard for her to walk as fast as she used to be,

Please show me the way you did with me when you did your first steps. When those days come, do not be sad, just stay with the mother, understand for mother and love until the last days of her mother. I will always cherish and thank you for the gift of time and happiness that our mother and daughter have shared.

With a smile and love for her mother always for me, she just want to say that I love you so many daughters.


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Written by Ngoc Tran


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