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This quote translates to:  If I stay away it is not because I don’t want you, but rather because I understood that you do not need me.

Sometimes, you have to save yourself.  You have to walk away sometimes when you realize that you are the one that loves the most, not the other way around.  Sometimes you loose yourself in a relationship, without realizing it.  By the time you do realize what is really going on, it’s too late–the other person takes you for granted, and thinks you will always be there, loving them, waiting for them to give you the green light.  When you come to this realization, that you neglected to love yourself for the sake of someone else, you can still recover.  You can step back and realize that the other person doesn’t deserve you.  Before you least expect it, you will meet someone who does deserve you, because they love you more than anyone has in your entire life.


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Written by Maria Ayala


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