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Young People Transitioning…

Thursday, January 23, 2020

This post is about young people transitioning into the other sex. Warren Beatty’s oldest daughter Kathlyn started at 14 years old, and she looks more like a boy now as Stephen. I think she accepted her decision.

Many other young people on Youtube have regretted transitioning to lesbian/trannie. It started out to help them deal with their past traumatic situation. But after a couple of months, they started to regret the trans changes.   Even Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner stated he regretted what he did in one of the videos.

The first girl was sexually abused when she was young, and she didn’t want anything to do with men. She is trying to heal from her past, but she isn’t sure what she is now. She feels she isn’t a girl or boy. I think she looks like a boy now, but she wants to be herself again.

The second video is a girl wanting to go back to being female. She started at 14, and now at 20, she regretted her transitioning experience. She looks like a girl but her voice sounds like a guy.

This is sad. 


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  1. this is a really hard issue that requires both the person and their family to move forward. Many are filled with regret because it destroys their families because their families don’t support them.

    Many are freed from the limits that have lived with their entire lives to that point.

    It can be a great thing.

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