The Wrong Choices – 1

In life, how it goes it is more dependent how stupid a person is than how intelligent. Stupid people invariably make the wrong choices. When one makes the wrong choice, no matter how large or small there are consequences.

Take this little decision.

Mrs. Shaw was told something by Gail which was anti Shelly. Shelly was a person who stopped by every day, on her way to throw away her own trash. As Mrs. Shaw kept the door open, anyone could see her sitting on the couch, so it was not intrusive.

“You want me to toss your garbage?” Shelly would ask, and Mrs. Shaw with her bad knees and cumbersome body was grateful.

Now when Gail made her anti-Shelly remark, Mrs. Shaw told the owner of the place, and he confronted Shelly. Shortly after, when Shelly had this pretty smile on her face as she passed Mrs. Shaw’s rooms. She didn’t even turn her head to see if Mrs. Shaw was there or not.

Shelly never stopped, never said a word, and never tossed her garbage again.

One bad choice and poor old Mrs. Shaw was hobbling with her bad knees way down along the drive way, to the locked gate.  Mrs Shaw, standing in the sun,  on those bad knees, entering her code, waiting for the gate to open, then hobbling out, to the bin, then have to return, to unlock the gate again, wait, and hobble up the long drive way to return to her flat.

Gail never looked to see if Mrs. Shaw was living or dead, never stopped, and certainly would be offended if asked to throw out Mrs. Shaw’s garbage.

But that was Mrs. Shaw’s choice.



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Written by jaylar

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