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Whatever Shakes Your Rattle

My mother used to say this all the time. I have no idea what she wanted me to learn from the saying, but today I was thinking about  it when writing on this site. It occurred to me that people are here for many different reasons and instead swimming against the tide, perhaps I should learn to live with whatever “shakes their rattle”.  Tolerance is a skill that perhaps I struggle with, and maybe that is the greater lesson here for me. There are one or two people who actually read the words.

Maybe some of these things shake your rattle.


Perhaps music means everything to you and you are just here to spread music.

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Some are here to make true friends to listen and to be heard, to build relationships that go beyond what happens here.

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What Shakes Your Rattle

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Some people need an audience. At college I was on a task force that did a study on suicide. Most people who left notes said that no one seemed to hear them or see them. It is a sobering thought. Could something as simple as meaningful comments save a life?

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Some people are here to teach and share knowledge. If we skip over their posts or just click and run we have missed a great opportunity to truly learn things that can change our lives in a positive way.

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No shame, no blame. It's a business and if that is your goal do whatever it takes to make it.

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Spitting Venmon

So let's stop spitting venom and find out what people are doing here and help them get what they desire. The people who own the site obviously need and want to make money they need content and traffic.

Tell us what you need. You might be surprised that  some people really do care.

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What do you think?

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