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What Can Benefit From Pursed Lip Breathing?

I get out of breath easily. I looked online, and I found out a simple way to help me when I get out of breath when doing certain activities. I can walk on a treadmill for 1/2 hour and feel no discomfort, but let me try cleaning the floor, and I get out of breath. I found out I have asthma for one thing, and will find out more later. This way of breathing could help me a lot. Young and the old may be able to benefit from pursed lip breathing. 

I am not a doctor, but this information maybe able to help some people that have breathing problems. Always consult your physicians before doing this type of breathing. Your doctor maybe able to help you understand if this type of breathing could help you better

If you have feelings of breathlessness on a regular basis, and feel no relief in sight, maybe ask your doctor if you could benefit from seeing a Pulmonary specialist.  It may not be right for you, but maybe it is.

Pursed Lip breathing is like making a pucker like when someone whistles.

Information about pursed lip breathing


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