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Traf’s Helpful Life Hacks to Live By (0000001 – 0000010)

The term “life hack”was coined by technology journalist Danny O’Brien during the O’Reilly Emerging Technology Conference in San Diego, California way back 2004. He used this term to describe the embarrassing scripts and shortcuts productive IT professionals use to get their work done. The after his presentation, his term spread out in tech and blogging community. Later then, O’Brien and blogger Merlin Mann co-presented a session called “Life Hacks Live”at the 2005 O’Reilly Emerging Technology conference. They co-authored then a column entitled “Life Hacks” for O’Reilly’s Make magazine that debuted in February 2005.

The American Dialect Society voted then the term lifehack (as one word), as the runner-up for the most useful word behind podcast of the year 2005. Oxford Dictionaries Online then added this word in June 2011 as one of the newly registered words in an English dictionary.

I have here 10 life hacks which can be useful in our daily struggles in life.

You can cast your up-votes and share them as I launch my first series on these helpful life hacks to live by.



#1 Traf’s Life Hack #0000001

When a group of people  laughs, people instinctively look toward the group members they feel closest to (or want to feel closest to).

#2 Traf’s Life Hack #0000002

Take a peek at people's feet when they're talking to you. If their feet are pointed away from you, the person you're talking to wants the conversation to end.

#3 Traf’s Life Hack #0000003

If you're in a group meeting and expect someone to take you to task, sit right next to them. They won't  feel safe to attack you. At the very least, they'll mitigate their meanness.

#4 Traf’s Life Hack #0000004

If you make yourself be really happy and excited to see other people, the next time they see you, they'll probably be a lot happier and more excited about it. (Dogs do this trick to us all the time.)

#5 Traf’s Life Hack #0000005

If somebody is angry at you and you stay calm, they'll probably get angrier, and they'll be ashamed at themselves later.

#6 Traf’s Life Hack #0000006

Chew gum or eat food if you're doing something that would normally make you feel nervous. It tricks a primal part of your brain into thinking you couldn't be in danger because you're eating.

#7 Traf’s Life Hack #0000007

People will remember not what you said , but how you made them feel.

#8 Traf’s Life Hack #0000008

When you take someone out on a first date, take them somewhere exciting that will get their heart beating (e.g. roller coaster ride or watching horror movies at cinema). This gets their adrenaline up, which in turn makes them think they enjoy spending time with you rather than the activity.

#9 Traf’s Life Hack #0000009

Always give your kid a choice that makes them think they are in control. For instance, when you want him to put his shoes on, you will say, "Do you want to put your Star Wars shoes on or your sharks shoes on"?

#10 Traf’s Life Hack #0000010

If you ask someone a question and they only partially answer, just wait. If you stay silent and keep eye contact, they will usually continue talking.

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