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Three benefits of being lazy

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Even the most powerful and successful businessmen have days with no will to do anything. Almost everyone believes in the myth that one has to work all day long, every single minute of the day, in order to achieve what he wants. This absolutely does not mean that, now, you have to turn into a lazy person. However, there’s nothing wrong in having a lazy day from time to time. On the other hand, if you think you are a person that does not have such a day, you are lying no one but yourself. But the laziness itself can lead you to some productive and positive habits and situations in your life.

1. Contemplation

Have you ever taken a shower longer than ten minutes? The chances are you have had a moment of laziness. Have you ever just sit on the sofa and did not do absolutely anything for thirty minutes? That’s another moment of laziness. The good news is that in the moments of laziness we tend to think better. You stop thinking about your goal for a moment and think about what are you really doing instead. If you are always busy doing something you barely have time to think about the strategy. Most of us spend a lifetime thinking about their goals spending no time on thinking whether there is something better to focus on. If we, on the other hand, experience some “laziness time” we actually have time to reflect and think about what are we doing and why,

2. Profound thinking

Have you ever noticed that when you are lazy it’s when you reveal your deepest thoughts? In order to experience profound thoughts you need a state of mind with no phone nearby, no internet, no people bothering you nor something that distracts you. The deep thinking happens when you are lazy. It’s when your brain feels free to do whatever he wants. In fact, deep thinking is something everyone needs. It’s the time you dedicate to yourself, your life and your priorities.

3. the laziness turns into productivity

When you allow yourself to be lazy you open your mind for new ideas. You might even find a new solution for an old problem. When you are lazy and do not think about your job you will come back more productive than ever. Your laziness can end up in a productivity thanks to your creativity.


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  1. Love this one!! Great reasons!! I’ll forward my boss this … lol

    Anyway they say laziness spurs some great inventions because well, they’re lazy to do their task and comes up with things or shortcuts… :p

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