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What Do You Think About Digital Detoxification?

It is a simple question and I am expecting a simple answer from you. How much time do you spend online during traveling with your loved ones?

I am asking this question because I have seen some of my co-passengers talking to their relatives back home when our train was passing through the best scenic beauty available anywhere in the world.

I was on a hilly train Shivalik Express which started for Shimla at 5.20 from Kalka in the morning passing on a rout that has more than 102 tunnels and 87 bridges.

My wife and I were watching at hills and valley with lots of greenery from windows and clicking at the scenic beauty and the man sitting in next chair in the opposite seats was constantly talking to his relatives and his wife was dozing off on one of his shoulders.

He stopped talking when the coach attendant served breakfast at around 7.30 AM but that break was limited to half an hour or so because as soon as he finished breakfast he started talking to his business partners. I guess now I can tell you all about his business, investment, line of business probably as much as he himself knows.

As far I am concerned I never discuss business during my family outing and even if I have to respond to my boss I keep it as short as possible. I never use Facebook, Twitter or any other social media during my short outings and I share my trip photos with close relatives and friends when we are back in our hotel room.

I love digital detoxification during wellness trips leaving even the mobile during yoga sessions. So what is your answer to my question I asked in the beginning?

Toy train Shivalik Express

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What do you think?

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Written by Suny Ag


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  1. I don’t take the kind of trips you’re referring to, but I try to avoid technology (other than my camera) as much as possible when I’m not at home. I don’t have the internet enabled on my phone and hardly make any calls either. Right now I’m trying to cut down on my internet use when I’m at home too, but I’m not doing too well with that.

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