The workout: August Running Challenge

Phew! The August Running Challenge is finally completed! After getting off of work, I took a short nap, so that I would have the energy to knock out the 4.22 miles left in the challenge afternoon. The temperature was perfect today, so I had the option to run anywhere in Chicago, but I chose the Des Plaines River trail because I could easily go out-and-back making it an easy day. I also like the Des Plaines River trail on the weekdays because I literally have most of it to myself.There were a few times during the month of August that I wanted to drop this challenge because it always had me running more than I wanted, but I kept refusing to drop it unless the heat or my work schedule got in the way. Boy was it rough at times because that heat would get up near 100 degrees which was discouraging! And with my co-workers calling off at times, I always had to adjust my schedule which most of the time I just didn’t run that day. Working in healthcare, I always want to preserve my energy for the clients I work with because I never know how my day will go. One of the things I didn’t like about this challenge was it being listed in kilometers versus miles. With that, I always had to look up kilometers to miles in order to gauge what mileage I needed to run because there were times that I confused 100 kilometers with 100 miles which was frustrating. I can deal with 5k, or 10k because the distance is ingrained in my memory, but 100k not so much.

Pineapple freeze from Taco Bell is so good! It was my post run drink.

If I can give any of you advice, never listen to the first thoughts in your mind. There are always alternatives you can go with to reach your goals. For instance! With the heat, I always had to switch up the times of the day I ran in order to avoid it. And if you struggle with working out after work, try taking it easy whether it be slowing down your pace or maybe doing little that day. It is ok! I noticed that my mindset changed once I got out the door to run after working. Those were the days I were the proudest of myself because if I had listened to my initial thoughts then I may not have gotten in the workout. Get my gist! I hope y’all are having a great day. I am excited because now I can finally ride my bike after literally waiting a month to focus on a different challenge. I am planning to take a hiatus sometime soon on Virily, but I assure you I will return.

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