The Contradiction of Self

The biggest enemy that you will face throughout your entire life is yourself. Throughout life, you will develop some habits that will potentially hamper your productivity throughout your life.

However, you also have the capability to replace the bad habits in your daily routine with some positive ones. Basically, you must learn how to contradict yourself because there are some things that you do even though you know those actions are wrong.

Before you can improve the lives of others, you must first fill the voids in your life. Here are a few pointers that you can use to contradict yourself so that productivity will flow out of your being day-by-day. These steps will take you to a new level of spirituality.

1. Do not condemn yourself. When you do something wrong, then you will normally condemn yourself for making a mistake. Unfortunately, condemnation will place a glass ceiling over your life. Condemnation turns into inaction due to fear of making another mistake. Whenever you make a mistake, then erase that error from your short-term memory by progress forward. When you press forward towards the future, then the mistakes of the past will no longer hinder your present.

2. Realize that you are free. When you choose to operate in the realm of spirituality, then you have taken yourself out of the way the rest of the world operates. Spirituality changes your thinking, but it also releases your mind from the bondage of worldly thinking because spirituality causes you to look ahead while worldly thinking causes a person to focus on the past. That is why history repeats itself. Instead of looking for a future solution from a present problem, worldly thinking mimics and copies what was done in the past.

3. Learn to say no to yourself. Understand that you do not have to act out every impulse that comes across your mind. Spirituality allows for you to process your thoughts circumspectly so that you will be able to discern if that sudden urge or craving is actually profitable to your life.

Fasting is an essential way in which you can say no to yourself. Those obsessions and addictions that you may be struggling with will become more manageable when you make the conscious decision to fast on a consistent basis. Plus, fast in a way so that you do not kill yourself. You do not have to go on a hunger strike. For example, I will go 6-12 hours without any food or water on days that I choose to fast. That time of fasting will keep your body, soul, and spirit cleansed on a consistent basis.

4. Desire to be guided by your conscience. You have been given a life compass, which is known as your conscience. Your conscience stores all of the wisdom that you have accessed consciously and subconsciously throughout your life. Whenever a situation arises, then your conscience steps into gear by gently guiding you on the choices that you need to make during that particular circumstance. Your conscience is an asset because it takes all of your knowledge and converts it into intuition.

5. Remain patient. Do not become so enamored with the fads of today. Fads are temporary. Place your focus upon what lies ahead in the future. Patience prevents you from making a freak reaction to a spontaneous circumstance that comes into your life. Calm down and relax. Assess your situation.

When you learn how to contradict yourself, then you will begin to build the courage and the strength to no longer be preyed upon by others. If you can stand up to yourself, then you will be able to stand up to anyone else that may cross your path.


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