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Teacher’s Make a Difference


There are Some Teachers Who Turn Your Life Right Around for You in School

Many of us don’t like going to school. I didn’t either, because I got bullied through middle school and Junior High School.  However that is another blog.

Through all of this there is a teacher who does open your world for you. They get to believing in yourself and doing for you. I did have this Epiphany when I had my sixth grade teacher.

My sixth grade teacher ran the class like the military. Most were afraid of her. She helped in pushing me and I am ever thankful for that. I went from thinking that all my homework was impossible to I can do this. Then I bought my Spelling up to 100%. I was not of her two favorite students in the class, but she did open this door for me in which I could and did for myself. I felt better about myself and I wanted to go to school for once in my life to make something of myself.

The Journey of Moving On

I had both good and bad times going forward in school, but I always had this to fall back on and push myself. I carried this even through  College, where I got a BA in Psychology. In my early 30s, I had called my 6th grade teacher at home and thanked her for everything that she had done for me. I could hear her crying on the other end of the phone. She said to me that none of her students have ever done this. She was honored to have a made difference for me in my journey and she felt very touched by that.

Other classmates and other students had a teacher who reached them. They then wanted to go to school after being influenced for a career that they never thought about from their teachers. Just heard a girl say that she hated school and the  kids in the class. She didn’t want to go to school at all until this one teacher, that she had, told her how good she would be in education to make a difference for students. Someone who believed in her and she is now a teacher.

June is the end of the school year in the North East States. Otherwise May was the end of the school year. This is to show that teachers do a lot more than what they are given credit for. Did your teacher make a difference for you?

Me in the 6th Grade


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  1. Sorry that you were bullied in school, but I am so glad that a teacher took an interest in you and made a difference. Today many schools have begun programs to teach against bullying. Parents need to also teach against bullying and tell children what type of acts are considered bullying. There was a young 8-10 year old boy in this area where I live although I did not know him that hung himself in his closet a few years back. One of his parents found him dead.

    • Yes, the Bullying is really bad and it is traumatizing. When victims don’t have support from someone, they don’t want to live. Plus in some cases, they become Sociopaths! Very sad. For me, all my bullies are my best friends now and we are all family. I love my journey.

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