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Spotlighting Our Members ~ Ghostwriter

Ghostwriter has a been a community member for 3 years.  Her profile shows over 1000 posts.  Even with that many posts it was very easy to pick 3 posts that I would recommend to others.  

One post is a discussion about the best time to be active on Twitter.  There is a service that can help you share your tweets during the optimum period of time.  But you know what?  I am on my laptop from sunrise to sunset and sometimes longer than that.  I am on Twitter a lot!  One of the times has got to be the right time.  LOL.

Speaking of time, the next post I picked was about letting time get away.  Our moms both gave us the same advice.  LOL.

That last post about the video that will make you cry?  I cried!

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The Power of Twitter ~ When should I tweet


How Did Time “Get Away”?


This 3-Minute Must See Video Will Make You Cry



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