Spotlighting Our Members ~ Blue Sailor

Blue Sailor is a lady from everywhere!  Much like me, she joined several social sites and she was also a moderator in one of the communities.  She was always giving out good free advice on how to make your writing better, how to make social sharing easier.  For a while, though she had some family matters she had to take care of and went offline.  She returned briefly but by that time I was actively engaged in various other work-at-home projects.  We lost touch with each other.  But I have not forgotten her.It’s funny the things you remember about people.  I remember explaining Tiger’s Blood Slushies.Enjoyed the post about Billboard Hits.  My daughter was born in 1987.  The two singers that I definitely remember were Gloria Estefan and Lisa Lisa.Since I also published a fun food post about marshmallows I am sharing her post as well.  It’s a fun read!

What’s In Tiger’s Blood Slushies?

Billboard Hits for This Week in June 1987



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