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Songs That Speak to the Soul The Beatles Paperback Writer

Often songs speak to our souls. The music has so much power.  Some music, even tries to change the world.  Everyone likes music, there are songs that speak to everyone’s soul.

The other day my husband was listening to The Beatles Backback Writer.  I started crying for no known reason.  This song was speaking to my soul.  My childhood dream was to be an author.  In October of this year, I reached that goal by publishing a group of dream journals.

Do you think songs speak to the soul?


What do you think?

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  1. There are songs I listened to that give me goosebumps. 4 years ago or so, someone I barely knew sent me a song composed and sung by that person. Listening to the song, I had goosebumps and started crying for no reason. That person ended up giving me a bittersweet lesson to which I credit my ripening (at least that was when I started) as a soul.


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