She’s the Quiet Child

Each child is unique, special in their own way.  A child’s worth should never be measured in test scores or how well they are at sorts, instead they need to be loved unconditionally.  This is one included in my first published book of poetry Reflections On Life, still available on Kindle
She’s the quiet child,

The one that is always picked last,

They make fun of her,

She’s not popular in her class,

They judge her,

Because she’s different from they,

And don’t take the time to see her,

For who she really is…

She’s never invited,

To the games they play,

And is always picked last,

When it comes to those school time games.

She is the little girl picked on,

Because she’s not always the best.

But she’s the little girl who smiles,

When she’s in her Mommies arms,

Because she knows she’s Mommies little angel,

Copyright Michelle R Kidwell



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