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Quote Challenge #1 ~ Angels

LaJenna and Albert have both been kind enough to nominate me to join in on a Quote Challenge. I gladly accepted with honor. I do not consider myself a writer. The words I write are inspired by the death of my son and other family members. Amazing how tragedy can make you stronger than you ever believed possible.


We are all broken, that’s how the light gets in. -Ernest Hemingway

Read these words carefully. Are they not significant in life? I absolutely love this quote. It is among my many favorites for sure. No matter how bad our situation is, there is always someone else worse off. Hard to imagine at times but I believe it to be true. A great reminder. And being broken is just a part of life. I have learned that and it makes it a little easier to accept.

Ernest Hemingway was an extraordinary American journalist, poet and short story writer. Over the years he lost several journalist friends and fell into depression. Even so, he received the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1954. In the late 1950s, Hemingway’s health began to fail, and by 1960, he was lost. Electroconvulsive therapy failed to help him. Sadly, he killed himself with a shotgun in 1961. Suicide ran in the Hemingway family. Ernest’s father, his sister Ursula, his brother Leicester, and granddaughter Mariel also succumbed.

Why do I write about Hemingway you may ask? I lost my only child to suicide as most of you know. I would like to remind everyone that nobody is immune from suicide. Some are more susceptible I believe, but nobody is immune. Many have told me, that “would never happen to my child”, I have even said that. But be careful what you say. You just never know what tomorrow holds. And when things happen to us in life remember there are others all around us that have their hardships as well. Maybe different but pain just the same. And by extending a hand to others we can help not just that other person but our pain as well. Healing comes from within. Part of my healing is realizing I have helped others.


If nothing changed, There Would be no Butterflies ~Author Unknown

A favorite quote, I have a plaque I received as a gift from my sister on my wall I read every day. I can relate at a very personal level. Butterflies are very special. And they represent hope and change. Change is hard in life but a necessity, I am learning. I feel Dustin’s presence each time I see a butterfly. I have had the honor of butterflies landing on me and staying for awhile. I have no doubt they are signs from Dustin and other loved ones I have lost over the years. They are just one of my many angels. Sometimes people say they wish they could get a sign from their loved one. Signs are subtle, you must keep an open mind at all times.


I search for quotes that mean something to me then start reading the backstory on the person who actually wrote the quote. Many times you can draw inspiration not only from the quote but the author. I have so many quotes it has been difficult to narrow down some of my favorites. I hope you can read and draw some sort of inspiration. Alan Pederson, the author of this quote, is a song writer and lost a child. An instant bond for myself. I hope you can read and draw some sort of inspiration. If so, I consider my job done. After two more challenges of course.

On a lighter note, this quote speaks to me for many reasons. Nature, butterflies, flowers and birds, just to name a few. Nature has so much to offer all of us. I get lost behind my camera lens and go to another level at times. I often feel the presence of my son and other loved ones while photographing nature. I believe there is a fine line between our loved ones and our surroundings. I highly recommend this “therapy” to everyone.

Now I would like to nominate three Virily friends who would be excellent for this Quote challenge. Hopefully they will not mind:

IcyBC – We have been friends through many of the other sites that have gone along the wayside. Icy is always offedrs inspiration through her stunning photographs and her quotes shared. I hope she will accept the challenge.

lacho59 Elenka is from Bulgaria. She shares beautiful photography and writes about her experiences. She recently shared about her new grandchild. She has been a friend through many websites and I hope she will accept the challenge I know she is worthy of.

river wild is my third nomination for this challenge. We just met on the site and I am inspired by her writings. She writes on her profile “I like to write and create art”. These go hand in hand and she is excellent at both.

The challenge is very simple.

*Write your three quotes in a single article and give your insights about them.

*Do one article each day.

*For the first 2 articles, u will have to feature 3 writers or bloggers whom you like with corresponding links to their websites as well as the person that nominated you. Its purpose is of course to create traffic.


What do you think?

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Written by Carol DM

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  1. I was going to nominate you! I knew you would do good at this challenge, and that was a huge understatement! I love this first post, and its quotes… They are very good! Sending you tons of butterflies for his garden!


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