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Productive Stress

Stress is not the enemy. Stress is a tool the body uses to let you know that something is not right. It could be that your mind and body are out of balance. It could be that it’s time to run because there is present danger. There is something that should not be ignored and should be dealt with in a productive manner.

All the sudden your stomach tightens up, why? Check quickly and find the cause. It is something you see, something you felt or is it related to something you thought.  Find the cause and make good decisions. If there is a fire, call the fire department. If you need to apologize to resolve something, do it. 

If there is nothing you can to fix or help with the situation begin looking for ways to release the stress and move forward. Stress will return until you solve the problem or learn to completely release the issue.

Often times there is residual stress that remains even after the stressful event has been resolved. One way of dealing with stress is to use music.

Try laughter and try it alone first. If you read my posts you know I went through some serious stress recently. One of my brother’s close friends called me this morning and offered to be my brother for awhile until my brother “comes to his senses”. He said “I should come kick your butt for saving that kids live because he is going to cause more problems” and he laughed.  It worked for us because we knew the tone and it was meant to be light and healing. It wouldn’t have worked for any stranger listening or even people who were completely informed.

Get some extra sleep even if you have to take something to help the body relax.

So what is the true difference between productive stress and stress? Just the way you handle defines the stress.


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