Playing Him Like a Piano – part 8

Kat  was searching for her own meal ticket.  At the moment she had no‘Simone’ in her life.

The   fact her beloved Dami was going to marry another woman in a few   months was of less importance to her than a broken fingernail.

Ka   tknew how meaningless the relationship between Dami and Simone was.

What   she wanted to know was;

“How  long?”  as she poured herself  and Dami a glass of wine, and came  to the bed.

“I’ve    almost completed my first year of Med school…three more years of  school, three or so of internship… maximum”

“Seven  years….”  Kat considered.

“Well,    it wouldn’t be a full seven…say when I begin my last year of   internship….if I can do really well, if I can get into a top    program, and do well, the offers will come….”

Kat   nodded;  “And then you will be a Doctor…Doctor Holness….”

“Yes,    Mrs. Holness…” he said, toasting her with the wine.


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Written by jaylar

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