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Pakistani blind Cricketer married to American blind girl

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United states : The American blind girl Brittany and Pakistani blind cricketer Mujibur ur Rahman’s connected on Facebook and had long friendship. After the friendship with Mujeeb-ur-Rehman, Brittany accepted Islam.Both the friends on Facebook changed their friedship in love afterwards, both have decided not to leave each other and live together till last breath of life.

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According to a spokesman for the Pakistan Blind Council,  Mujib belong  to Bahawalpur,and he  is the fast bowler of our blind cricket team and has played a major role in the Bahawalpur Blind Test series.This time, instead of rival batsmen, the American girl has clean bold him in her love.Britany reached Pakistan on  wednesday and get married next day .

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Mujeeb-ur-Rehman partially, while Britaney Mintgumiri is completely blind.

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In a small interview Brittany says , she is feeling very secure and she is happy to accept Islam and further added , Islam is the only religion which give respect and rightsto the women.


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    Hair (the stuff that grows on top of your head and your Mom makes you comb)


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