Overheard Conversation

When I was a little kid, two women were talking. I wasn’t exactly eavesdropping. I was sitting nearby playing with some toy and the women didn’t pay me the least bit of attention.

I wasn’t paying them attention at first, but then the words got into my head and stayed there.

They were talking about another person. I don’t recall the names so will make them up, but the essence of the conversation became an integral part of me.

They were talking about a woman who had attained some fame whom they had been in college with and stayed at the same dorm.

“I think it was Lorraine who came to us and said that Andrea…..” (they were talking big people slang so I don’t know what Andrea was supposed to have did or said or was) and we believed her. Remember?”

“Oh yes, and from that moment I never spoke to Andrea. If she said good morning, I repeated it, but never a sentence a conversation.”

“I stayed so far from her as if I’d catch cooties….”

They went on to say how they avoided Andrea, ignored her, never invited her to anything although they would invite everyone else.

They all graduated and went on to this and that. Andrea became famous and;

“At first I wanted to ‘reveal’ what Lorraine had told us, you know like one of those ‘tell all magazines…’   and then it was front page that Lorraine had been arrested for fraud. And when I read the article, for years she had been playing people….”

“I know, and the first thing that went through my mind, why did we believe Lorraine without any proof?”

Over the years, many people have come to me with rumours and gossip about other people and I have listened and then made up my own mind. Maybe I’ve given too many chances, but I never let anyone control my opinions.


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Written by jaylar

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