Only One

Do not leave my future without me.I will not forget the thought of that moment. That day I held the back words of my heart. That one word changed tomorrow. I am dreaming. Is it just my dream?You are looking at the sky. It’s just your sky. Only one and only one. If you are in the most important thing. You will be able to cross the long nights and lament. Only once with you. All my dreams that I exchanged. I want to bet you innocent and I want to protect you. I feel this strongly. Let’s call it love now. If I met only one person. You should live with that memory. I want to sing.I found a friendly song. A smile like your rainbow. I just want to see it.If alone, if alone. If everyone is born alone. Even loneliness is an important friend. If you are with you then with you. If you shed tears. I’ll be near you.A warmth transmitted if you put your hands together. Hope starts at the chest then. Even if asking for overflow. Just falling from that finger. We are hugged by thousands of stars. I’m sure we can give it. Do not cry..Now I will protect you. I am sorrowfully saddling.


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Written by seriopscual


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