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Occupation of the Chukotka Region in Russia.

Robin Biznis December 14.2019  Belgrade, Serbia

You have read well. For ten days, the inhabitants of a village in this region of Siberia have been occupied.The kids are in schools and not getting out of other residents leave their homes.If you’re wondering what or who made them make that decision, I’ll tell you what – Polar white bears.All rivers are under thick ice.The bears could not break the ice and fish for food.There was nothing to eat in nature.So they headed to a village where people live. There is food, though.And he does not put the people out of their homes in fear.As this is not the first time the government is seriously considering moving people out of the area,To someone more safe and distant than those wildly dangerous beasts.If you think this story is science fiction, you’re wrong.This is a reality, the drama that people experience.Will it be happy-end in the end?Let’s wait for it to thaw, there may be news of who survived.People, bears or all.source photo:


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