My search for a mental health internship site

Searching for a mental health site to do my internship at has been a struggle just finding an agency. Most of my struggle comes from finding an agency that is not too far out from my apartment, an actual mental health agency accepting interns, and an agency that is at least near public transportation.

Having an agency within a certain amount of distance from my apartment makes it easier on me because I can drive to the agency versus having to rely on public transportation, which can be a nightmare with delays during the winter months or when there is an accident on the railway. It also makes it easier because I will not have to deal with dreaded traffic along the way to the agency itself.

In a city where there are so many colleges and students pursuing similar career paths, it is like I’m competing for a spot with an agency, so I have to be at my best during the interview, even if the agency is not accepting. I have encountered agencies that have had bad experiences with interns, let alone agencies that do not seem as accepting to interns as others. With that, I take it as an assist from God, that it was not meant to be with that agency, and I just move forward looking for the next with my head held high. One thing I will not tolerate is an agency that talks down on me like I am not a human being. That alone paints me a picture of what type of the environment I will be in, which I have no interest.

Public transportation is a last resort! It is when that agency is too far out and I want to save myself money by catching it versus driving my car dealing with the headache of impatient drivers and wrecks along the way that all affect arrival time to my destination whether that be to the agency, my apartment, or to my job from the agency.

With all in consideration, I find myself very choosy which agencies I decide to contact because in the end I do not want to add any heartache to my life while working, plus going to school.

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Written by Thomas Gouard

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