My Plans for November

It is a little early, but I have already begun planning my priorities for November.

HubPages- 75 Hubs by the end of November. I currently have 28 featured Hubs, so to get to 75, I will have to write just over one 700 word Hub a day. This should be easily done.

Patreon – I don’t plan on starting a Patreon account until I have ten paintings or other pieces of art that I am satisfied with. Currently, I have only one. By the end of November, I want a total of five. I want at least one spirit doll, and at least one collage. That leaves two more paintings. I think this is a reasonable goal for my art work. And it gives me a lot of leeway. I am not pushing myself too hard.

Virily – My plan for Virily is to get on the top 50 in the ranks. I don’t really have a “plan”, but I will just keep posting consistently, and creating artwork and writings so I will have material to post every day. I will also spend more time interacting and creating more quizzes. I will try to write ten quizzes by the end of November. That is about one every four days, and I can easily accomplish that.

What are your goals for November?


What do you think?

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